Scarlet Moon Records and Materia Collective are pleased to present a premium physical edition of the Magician of Legend Piano Collections soundtrack and album as well as a physical and digital sheet music book. The physical soundtrack will include WIZARD OF LEGEND: The Complete Soundtrack and Piano collections WIZARD OF LEGEND on two separate discs, housed in a beautiful illustrated case, a 20-page booklet with interviews and commentaries, and a bonus track exclusive to this physical CD set. The sheet music book is an accompaniment to the Piano collections WIZARD OF LEGEND album and allows apprentice pianists to try their hand at AYAKI’s masterful arrangements. It includes photos and comments from AYAKI. Both physical products are available in limited quantities and can be pre-ordered today with a shipping date of August 2020, perfectly in sync with the game’s physical release on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The digital sheet music is available today. ‘hui in PDF format.

“We’ve had a lot of requests for a physical soundtrack from fans, and we figured aligning with the physical release of the game on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 would be a great time to continue that. ” comments Scarlet Moon producer Jayson Napolitano. “We couldn’t have found a better physical product design and manufacturing partner than Materia Collective and we look forward to putting this truly premium collection into the hands of fans this summer. “

WIZARD OF LEGEND (The Complete Soundtrack) includes all the music from the fast-paced roguelike beat-’em-up composed by Dale North and includes an unused bonus track, “Smoldering Ember”, exclusive to this physical edition. Piano collections WIZARD OF LEGEND includes 11 new piano performances by AYAKI (Etrian Odyssey, PersonaQ, Prescription for sleep: play music lullabies), bringing his unique jazz-infused arrangements to the fast-paced action of MAGICIAN OF LEGEND. Also included is an original AYAKI theme titled “Realizing Your Potential”, which is inspired by a wizard’s journey to prove himself in the Trials of Chaos.

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