Yungblud’s latest TikTok with girlfriend Jesse Jo Stark has fans talking, and we’re just as obsessed with it.

The two became IG officials earlier this year, but what do you know about Stark? We break down everything you need to know.

Yungblud posts TikTok with his girlfriend

Yungblud’s latest TikTok sees him removing the padlock and chain on his neck and replacing them with another, reading “dislikes death.”

The English singer then hands the key to the padlock to his girlfriend, Jesse Jo Stark.

Fans immediately took to the comments section to gush about the relationship, writing: “The way he looks at her, I am -“

Another commented: “Stop it now this is so CUTE man.” “

Someone else wrote, “THE WAY HE SMILE AT HIM.”

Who is Jesse Jo Stark?

Girlfriend of singer Yungblud, American Jesse Jo Stark is also in the entertainment industry, having a career in music and fashion.

Notable for the 2020 tracks “Tangerine” and “Die Young”, you might also recognize Stark from Yungblud’s “Strawberry Lipstick” music video. Jesse is currently signed with Los Angeles label ‘We Are Hear’, according to reports.

The Yungblud Flame also has some pretty famous connections. According to Cosmo, Jesse is BFF with model Bella Hadid and according to other reports she is also singer Cher’s goddaughter!

Although Jesse Jo Stark boasts of a successful career in music, she has also made her mark in the fashion industry. His parents, Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark, founded the “Chrome Hearts” brand in the 1980s, and Jesse followed in their footsteps.

The singer-songwriter has founded his own clothing company “Deadly Doll”.

If all of these ventures weren’t enough, the fashionista and singer is also a big hit on social media, with over 450,000 Instagram followers. Stark is followed by big stars, including Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber.

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How long have Yungblud and Jesse Jo Stark been dating?

An official date was never announced, but Cosmo reports that Yungblud and Jesse started dating as early as March of this year.

A few months later, the two made the IG official when Yungblud posted a series of snaps and called Jesse the “love of his life.”

The news of a relationship shocked fans because at the time it was rumored that Yungblud was getting closer to singer Miley Cyrus.

Nonetheless, we think Jesse and Yungblud are a great match!

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