About Eve Barlow
Parents Georges barlow
Address Los Angeles, California
Job Music journalist
Alumni Calderwood Lodge Primary, Scotland, University of Manchester, England, University College London
Ethnicity Scottish Jew
Great grandfather Gershwin Berelovich
Worked for NME (New Musical Express) as associate editor

Eve Barlow is a music journalist formerly of NME. But over the years, she has become a strong voice in activism for important causes. As her readers are young people drawn to her musical stories, she was able to effectively convey her advocacy message to them. She has educated her readers and social media subscribers about the Jewish community, anti-Semitism, feminism, LGBTQ +, diversity, etc. In recent history, Barlow has brought these issues to television with appearances on news channels like CNN. More and more viewers have discovered her appeal and want to know more about who Eve Barlow is. We therefore highlight here the journey of this inspiring journalist.

Eve Barlow’s family

Eve Barlow, who celebrates her birthday on October 21, is a Jew and Zionist of Scottish descent. She grew up in Glasgow, but is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Eve attributes to her parents, especially her father George Barlow, for his success. George, an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) from the National Health Service, raised Eve on the musical styles of Elvis Presley, their faith and with immense support.

Eve grew up in a traditional Jewish community in Giffnock. Years later, as anti-Semitism grew in the UK, she left the country and moved to the US in 2014.

Speaking About her choice to leave, Eve said her great-grandfather Gershwin Berelovich escaped the Russian tsar in 1904 and fled to Britain. Her naturalization papers signed by Winston Churchill are framed and hung on a wall in their family home.

The education of Eve Barlow

A graduate of Calderwood Lodge Primary in Scotland, Eve Barlow left Glasgow at the age of 17 to study at the University of Manchester in England. She studied law there for three years before moving to London.

During his student life, Barlow says his immediate career options followed the conventional path for many young Jews, i.e. law or medicine.

Barlow was more drawn to modern literature, philosophy, politics and studies. So moving to London to study human rights law at University College London was a good solution.

When she graduated with her master’s degree in 2008, the recession hit. With the lack of jobs for new law graduates, Barlow had no choice but to return home.

In his childhood bedroom, surrounded by books and magazines, Barlow fulfills his other passion: music. So she decided to follow the musicians and write about them.

Eve Barlow’s career

Barlow had no connection to enter the journalism industry. So she begin by applying for internships and creating your own portfolio.

Instead of working for a news gathering organization, Barlow herself saw and witnessed the events. She took the photos, got a few minutes of backstage interviews with the artists, and created her pieces on Tumblr.

This led to internships with the London based magazines she grew up reading. With her ingenuity and dynamism, she has experienced constant growth in the company.

Her first achievement was becoming deputy editor-in-chief of NME (New Musical Express). She left work and the country to move to Los Angeles in 2014.

While she initially wanted to take a sabbatical, her workaholic nature took hold. Barlow became a freelance writer in the United States, producing content for several magazines.

In addition to the many interviews, reports and reports on the musicians, Barlow, who identifies as queer, has used his platform to draw attention to anti-Semitism, LGTBQ + advocacy, feminism, diversity, and more.