Never has there been so much attention to the courage and plight of the Australian roadie, thanks in large part to the significant contribution of Stuart Coupe and his 2018 book “Roadies: The Secret History Of Australian Rock ‘n’ Roll “.

Throughout the book, Stuart carefully reveals what goes on behind the scenes and what the men and women of the road crews set out to do to make sure the show continues.

This year, Stuart returns to the Turn Up! Musical conference on the Sunshine Coast to share all the knowledge he remembers from a life in rock & roll.

“I came to the conference for the first time last year and really enjoyed it, and I must have something vaguely interesting because they invited me back,” Stuart laughs.

For Turn Up! this year, Stuart reconnects with his colleague and industry veteran colleague Howard Freeman, who assisted Stuart in his research for “Roadies.” Stuart says a lot about what they’re showing at Turn Up! will be in the same vein as his book.

“This will largely be the continuation of a lot of things I talked about in ‘Roadies’, because one of the other guests this year is Howard Freeman, and I consider Howard the king of Australian roadies. He was definitely my man of choice for information on Australian roadies and the technical aspects of things, ”he says.

“We’re doing things together that will be for people who come to the conference who want to work in the live music industry and are interested in sound mixing or lighting or road teamwork, all that sort of thing. things; what’s going on behind the scenes and the myriad of job and career opportunities there. “

Come! The Music Conference has been gaining traction as one of the premier gatherings of the music industry in the Queensland region since it was first held in 2014. This year’s lineup also includes batter Michael Chugg as well as a full program of dances. ‘workshops, panels, masterclasses and a live presentation. of emerging talent.

For Stuart’s second time at Turn Up !, he is delighted to meet in person Sophie Kirov, a renowned tour manager who Stuart has interviewed for “Roadies” and praises as one of the bright young stars of the Australian industry. live music.

“One of the few people I spoke to for the book ‘Roadies’ but never met in person was Sophie Kirov,” he says. “She is part of this new generation of Australian road teams. Fortunately, she’s a woman of course and the whole technical side of the music industry has really opened up over the last few years and there are a lot more women working there.

“Sophie has built a real worldwide reputation for her abilities and she is coming to this conference, so I am delighted to be doing a panel with her. “

Whether you’re a roadie in training, a growing musician, or just curious about what a musical future might look like for you, Stuart says there’s no shortage of advice at Turn Up !.

“Between me – the guy who chronicled roadies – Howard Freeman – the godfather of Australian roadies – and Sophie who is truly the epitome of the new generation on … there is a lot [of experience]. “

Come! The music conference will take place in Solbar (Sunshine Coast) from October 17-18.