Music industry TV personality Allison Hagendorf knows great sound when she hears it, choosing Leon’s Terra line of outdoor speakers for the outdoor spaces at her husband Brian Jaffe’s new SoCal home .

Music industry TV personality Allison Hagendorf knows great sound when she hears it, choosing Leon’s Terra line of outdoor speakers for the outdoor spaces at her husband Brian Jaffe’s new SoCal home .

[Ann Arbor, MI] – June 20, 2022 – Music is everything for TV personality and music journalist Allison Hagendorf, and it’s easy to see why. Hagendorf’s love for music and his renowned ear for rock led him to a career of dream jobs in the music industry. From VJing on MTV to scouting for talent for Sony and Columbia to serving as Spotify’s “Head of Rock,” Hagendorf knows how to sound great. When it came to needing her own audio system in the outdoor spaces of her new Southern California home, it was important that she found speakers that would accurately represent her music. Allison’s husband, Brian Jaffe, also in the industry as a music director, also has high expectations when it comes to music reproduction. They turned to Leon Speakers for sound that would allow them to hear the music as close to the original recording as possible. Allison Hagendorf 2

YUNGBLUD came to our house, excited to play his new music,” says Hagendorf. “At the time, we had just moved into the house and we were listening to his music on an unacceptable speaker… I was devastated as he played his music. He didn’t care, but for me it was about the integrity of hearing the music the way it should be heard and respecting the work he put into it.

Hagendorf sought to use the outdoor space not only as an oasis of relaxation, but also as a place to host business and allow friends and colleagues in the industry to share their music in a way that would honor their talent. It was important to her that high-end audio blend naturally into the environment and withstand environmental wear and tear. Leon’s Terra range of customizable and durable outdoor audio was the perfect match.

Work with Leon and the local integrator AV Futronix, Hagendorf and Jaffe divided their garden into four distinct audio zones: the front patio, the back patio, the outdoor kitchen and the pool. Different Terra de Leon loudspeaker models provided the ideal blend of high-fidelity sound, outdoor durability and subtle, design-driven style in every area.

In the front patio, Terra limit the speakers, finished in a gloss white to match the furniture and surrounding structure, are discreetly concealed in the eaves of the terrace roof to provide an immersive audio experience. The cast-frame AC Series woofers and fluid-cooled titanium inverted dome tweeter deliver powerful bass and high, clear tones for anyone dining out or enjoying the shade on a hot California day.

Recessed into the back patio wall is the backyard’s “sound centerpiece”: a custom-designed Leon Horizon soundbar, built with marine-grade outdoor speakers and sized to match the outdoor TV. Samsung 75 inch from Hagendorf. More Boundary speakers complete the system to create a next level surround sound environment.

For the softscape surrounding the pool and outdoor kitchen, Hagendorf chose Leon’s Terra LuminSon outdoor speakers for their combination of subtle, modern styling and all-around acoustics. At night, 360° LED lighting from the speakers also creates a diffused glow throughout the area. Installed alongside the LuminSounds, the Terra outdoor speaker and partially buried Terra subwoofer create the perfect, expansive acoustic experience for the couple and their guests as they move through the area.

The entire Terra range is IP67 water and dust rated and includes marine grade speakers in sealed, precision fitted cabinets, meaning Hagendorf’s audio system will be fully protected. elements, even in the harshest weather conditions.

Allison Hagendorf 5“Our experience with everyone [at Leon] was so unique and so wonderful. They’re real musicians…we’ve turned our backyard into the best listening experience possible,” adds Hagendorf.

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