TruBlue is a Artist, Singer, songwriter and actress from the United Kingdom. She was born in Islington in the UK of London and grew up in Hackney in Turkish British Cypriot East London. TruBlue, a multi-talented performer from London, has landed a role in a new film called The Haunting Of The Lady Jane with her song Wonder Woman also featured in the film which appears to launch her acting career in the UK. United.

The TruBlue Journey

She comes from a family of musicians from a large family of 12 boys and 6 girls and has been singing since the age of seven with a real passion for music. At the age of 42 in June 2021, she decided to pursue her singing career with the release of her first single Crazy Love, a unique fusion of Reggaeton R&B and rap with a Turkish Cypriot touch rewarded by the anthem of Cyprus 2021 within two weeks of its official international premiere. radio play. She then made history by doing the first ever international DJ and radio takeover which she managed to document on her Instagram page with DJs and radio stations all over the world playing her song on the same day at the same time in the country.

Story of TruBlue an artist, singer-songwriter and actress

Awarded Artist of the Week on the Peachie Mae radio show on SW20 radio in Wales UK with her first UK radio play, she went on to win Best Independent Artist for several weeks , winning the top spot in New York by Plan A Radio and was the first British artist to do so and the first artist to win it for two consecutive weeks. She recently won Best Singer of 2021 by GiftedXStudios in America competing against their local talent TruBlue won the trophy for the UK. Her original sound with the song Wonder Woman caused a buzz in different states of America. Featured on Kiss FM UK and IHeartRadio in Atlanta on rotating Dessert Storm radio in New Jersey. TruBlue also features in a show called Music Media Hits which is an Instagram based online platform with over 65,000 followers where she has interviewed amazing legends such as Julian Marley, air legend Bob Marley and Radio Royalty Shosh and many more. showing her presenting skills at their best.

Story of TruBlue an artist, singer-songwriter and actress

TruBlue also supports other independent artists by giving them the opportunity to have interviews on its platform where it presents and also by organizing international talent competitions for people from all over the world to present their talent, which has met with a huge success. Over 600 people applied to take part in the show was a great success and they will also be doing another one this summer in 2022. TruBlue also represented London and Cyprus with their live performance of Crazy Love in 2021 for the Cypriot Cultures and Arts event on Euro Gene TV and won the love and support of their Cypriot community who won their hearts and attention with a stunning performance of her debut single. crazy Love.

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Story of TruBlue an artist, singer-songwriter and actress

TruBlues influences are people like Aaliyah, Joe Thomas the beautiful tones of Changing Faces and Kut Klose has a great passion for RNB music and really took her music seriously at the age of 16 when she was approached by a major record label but due to her age decided to continue her education and pursue her singing career at a later date. Trublue then started a family and now aged 42 and grandmother of two grandchildren, she has really taken the leap with her unique melodies and fusions. TruBlue has an entire album pending release and hopes to do so within the next few months. Her music is available on all major platforms, reaching 116,000 views on just one of her Tik Tok videos and gaining 6,000 Instagram followers in 8 months, she hopes to make an impact on the music industry this year.

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