Multi-talented hip hop artist Tony Aka Lion Pharaoh successfully satisfies audiences with his strong rhyming skills and witty lyrics in the music video “Country Women”.

(YorkPedia Editorial): – Chicago, Illinois, July 2, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The hip-hop genre has always proven to be the most eloquent and daring musical form showcasing the truest emotions of artists. The youngest artist in the neighborhood is Tony aka Lion pharaoh entered the scene with his very entertaining and witty lyrical ballad, “Women of the countryside” which exudes a much deeper meaning. Her voice is extremely dreamy and addictive. Thus, his vocal performance remains in the mind for a long time. The powerful but cool rap verses along with the catchy hook create a vibe of pure ecstasy. The song is accompanied by a music video that depicts her exuberant character, Full of Life and Positivity. He portrayed his truest thoughts and emotions in the song in the most creative and original way possible through these dynamic visuals.

Originally from South Chicago, the highly talented artist is a self-taught musician who has been an avid follower of hip hop music since his childhood. While living in the neighborhood, he learned to play the piano on his own. He has shown an excellent talent for memorizing Chopin, Mozart, Franz Liszt, and more. He played these classic pieces without learning to read the notes. Influences from classical music best affected its hip-hop soundscape. He has formed a number of brilliant melodic pieces, rich in diversity and nostalgic resonance. It separates him from the crowd and catches the attention of the global hip-hop community.

Driven by his passion for expressing his wit, the brilliant musician has delivered moving musical creations that have a huge impact on listeners. His latest clip, “Women of the countryside” from the album, ‘Ancient Tomb’s Of The Lion’ is the epitome of thematic excellence in terms of groovy beats and punchy rhymes. Tony Aka Lion Pharaoh is already a respected rapper due to his previous creations such as, ‘To remove‘,’No return‘,’La Cucaracha‘,’Aim for the stars‘, and more. All of his songs have a distinct flavor that surprises audiences. Listen to his music on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes. Make sure to follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more information on its future work.