Songwriter Richard Marx is a hugely successful artist. To quote a statistic, Marx has sold over 30 million albums to date. For anyone counting at home, that’s a ton.

The adult contemporary star’s self-titled debut album went triple platinum in 1987 and between 1987 and 1994 had 14 top 20 hits, including three number one singles.

But in recent days, Marx has made headlines (and is both trending and viral on social media) for his comments about “white nationalists” and “traitors.”

In a recent tweet on Saturday (February 26), Marx summed up his feelings by saying, “For those of us who are TRUE patriots, this is and always has been crystal clear. If you are a white nationalist…if you praise Putin…if you are against the CRT…if you want to make it harder for the POC to vote…if you defend January 6…you are a traitor and an enemy of democracy. ”

Let’s review the other places where Marx shone his spotlight:

On February 24, Marx blasted Florida’s controversial so-called “don’t say gay” bill, saying when it passed, “Of course it is. Totally shameful.

Marx then criticized far-right white nationalist extremist Nick Fuentes, who seemed to say that comparing Russian oligarch Vladimir Putin to Hitler was not such a bad thing for Putin. Marx wrote: “My first vote in the presidential election was for a Republican. Since then, I vote for both parties, depending on the candidates. But that’s the current GOP. Either you are a bigoted, degenerate white nationalist or you are a decent person. You can’t be both.

Then he took aim at Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who spoke at a recent Fuentes event, saying, “[email protected] is a liar, a traitor and a fanatic.

He added: “No @RepMTG you deliberately spoke at a white nationalist rally because you are a white nationalist.

But it didn’t stop there! Marx then set his sights on Fox News speaking chief Tucker Carlson, saying, “Traitor Exhibit A: @TuckerCarlson

Then it became real. Like in a real Twitter beef. Marx and columnist Kurt Schlichter began trading barbs. Marx responded to a Schlichter tweet by saying, “Here’s a look at KKKurt’s career highlights. This white nationalist asshole is such a failure that even OAN won’t give him a gig.

Marx continued, “We have many treacherous enemies to our own democracy like you here at home, KKKurt. And you’re proof that wearing a uniform doesn’t make you a patriot. You’re a disgrace to those who served and aren’t ignorant bigoted shit.

And it continued. Marx said: “They don’t disrespect ‘vets’, assholes. They disrespect you, and rightly so. I have known many vets, including my father, who saw COMBAT during WWII and none of them consistently referred to their service, let alone bowed to it. The praiseworthy veterinarians of your own diet agree.

Marx added: “For your information, the degenerate parasite who tweeted these gems actually wrote a whole book of worship to a pathologically lying traitor who robbed a children’s cancer charity, punched a porn star while her newborn baby was at home, incited an insurrection and called women pigs. KKKurt’s kind of guy”

And more: “It’s “your”, MAGAt KKKurt. Learn to use the language of the country you claim to love well. And while your argument is moot, my royalties are anything but.

For a full view of Marx returning tweets and simultaneously adding fuel to a roaring fire, check out his Twitter page. HERE.