Honduran-American artist talks about loss, overcoming obstacles and being a woman of color in music

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April 8, 2022 12:00 PM EDT

LOS ANGELES, April 8, 2022 (Newswire.com) –
Today, Allie Alvarado releases her next EP “Strong”. The four-track EP delves into the concepts of love, loss, and navigating the world when your idea of ​​a happy ending isn’t working. Written by the Honduran-American singer and electronic music producer amid the COVID-19 pandemic, “Strong” serves as a companion to anyone going through tough times.

Titled after the single from the EP, “Strong” began while Alvarado was touring Europe as keyboardist and backing vocalist for artist Beth Ditto. Inspired by the sounds of the Berlin underground, her ideas progressed when Alvarado was confined to her apartment during the coronavirus lockdown The EP quickly became a space for Alvarado to process the trauma she was experiencing as a result of the pandemic and devastating losses in his personal life, leading him to face the reality of an unfortunate end.

“I was originally going to call this EP ‘Feel the Earthquake’ which is one of the tracks, because that’s what I felt like I was doing writing these songs,” Alvarado said. “But like every journey, you hope to find meaning and you hope to survive and sometimes you have to keep going even if there’s no happy ending in sight. Many of us have lost so much in the last few years, and that will take time to heal.”

The flowing melodies and emotional vocals featured in “Strong” showcase Alvarado’s abilities as a singer and songwriter, in addition to highlighting her struggles in the music industry. Being a first-generation immigrant producer who identifies as a woman and who is also a person of color can make it difficult to come out on top in an industry that isn’t always inclusive, and that’s something Alvarado has. dealt with throughout his career. The EP is a beacon of hope for those like Alvarado, who are struggling in the midst of opposition. The detailed elements and dynamics of “Strong” demonstrate Alvarado’s skills, asserting himself in a predominantly male musical sector.

“Participating in the music industry as a first-generation immigrant producer and woman of color, I feel like my very existence is an act of resistance,” Alvarado said. “Just participating is radical because there is a lack of representation. It’s easy to feel like an impostor sometimes, but I’ve learned not to compare myself to the status quo and to do what I do it because I love doing it.”

The captivating melodies and meditative tempos demonstrate Alvarado’s talent as a singer, writer and producer making her presence known in the musical space. “Stronger” is available to stream here. To follow Alvarado, follow her on instagram and Youtube.


  1. Strong
  2. syllables of love
  3. Feel the earthquake
  4. Moments of you


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