Wellington-based singer / songwriter Danica Bryant will celebrate the release of her single Ready to Bite at Valhalla on October 17.

Jericho Rock-Archer / Tricks

Wellington-based singer / songwriter Danica Bryant will celebrate the release of her single Ready to Bite at Valhalla on October 17.

Wellington-based singer-songwriter Danica Bryant’s new single Ready to bite is “a massive change” from country folkster to edgy pop priestess.

Bryant’s Debut EP, 2020s Cider, presented his music with vocals and acoustic guitar in the front and center. Listen to songs such as Birthday girl, dizzy and Cutlery It wasn’t a big step to imagine the young songwriter playing solo or writing in her bedroom, but Bryant’s lyrics always had an undercurrent of courage and intensity.

“I think a lot of people think of girls with guitars as a sweet, sweet type, but I think I’m just a little too angry for that,” said Bryant.

Ready to bite put the niceties on hold. Notably absent is any acoustic element. The track buzzes with austere, rock electronic production and Bryant sings of disgust and distrust in the gritty, pushing voice.

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“The staircase to heaven is paved with good intentions but even the gods overdose,” sings Bryant.

The lyrics were inspired by a conversation with American musician Amanda Palmer.

Palmer had just undergone a very public separation from her husband, author Neil Gaiman, as she was stranded in New Zealand during the lockdown in 2020. She spoke about the corrosive effect of the media coverage on her personal life .

Bryant said she was “disturbed by how quickly we make assumptions about others without ever really knowing their experiences.”

“Everyone knew [the split] and people use it for their own entertainment. There is nothing more monstrous than the way we consume people, ”she said.

Producer Simon Gooding says the

Jericho Rock-Archer / Tricks

Producer Simon Gooding says Bryant’s “powerful, unique and characterful voice” immediately drew him to his style.

Ready to bite was written in collaboration with producer Simon Gooding (Pink, Neil Finn, Drax Project, Teeks, Mackenzie Comer aka MCK and Jake Murphy) during the APRA AMCOS Songhubs in Hawkes Bay in November 2020.

Bryant’s “powerful, unique and characterful voice” immediately appealed to Gooding.

“We understood that she had a real attitude. It was a dream to work with her because she knew what she wanted and it all came out of the performance,” said Gooding.

Bryant said his co-writer’s encouragement to go beyond his comfort zone helped give him the confidence to pull it all off.

“My voice is country rock. Looking into this pop-rock stuff was like organic growth in the sound that I’m meant to be, ”she said.

This desire to challenge himself and expand his music brought Bryant to Wellington from Hawke’s Bay two years ago.

“It’s such a diverse artistic city. I love Hawke’s Bay, but I really wanted to expand my reach and Wellington seemed like a really welcoming and interesting place to do it, ”she said.

Danica Bryant outside the Wellington Valhalla Rock Hall.

Jericho Rock-Archer / Tricks

Danica Bryant outside the Wellington Valhalla Rock Hall. “With my group we get a little rowdy so I felt it was a good fit,” she said.

It’s been three short years since Bryant won Top Lyrics at Smokefree Rockquest 2018 for his song Stunned. Now 20, the “rowdy pop star with a guitar” has already racked up a multitude of accomplishments and acclaim.

In 2019, she won the Play It Strange Who Loves Who contest, opened for Elton John, and went from singing to Bic Runga on family trips to being mentored by the Kiwi pop legend.

Bryant has her feet on the ground for the chance to work alongside her idols, but at the same time, she is determined to work somewhere where she can relate to big names as well as her contemporaries.

“The opportunities I have had are not something I could have imagined. It’s great to put faces to all of these songs that I loved and to realize that all of these amazing musicians and songwriters are just real people with real lives, ”she said.

  • Danica Bryant will celebrate the release of Ready To Bite at Wellington’s Valhalla on October 17th. Tickets on undertheradar.co.nz