Singer, songwriter, filmmaker, sustainability advocate and solo tour de force, Mogli has released Ravage – his beautiful, ethereal indie-pop album and epic film that shares a cathartic journey of self-discovery and healing.

“I’ve learned that it’s very rewarding and can make you happy if you can be brave enough to be vulnerable. We lack empathy in the world and vulnerability is a path to more empathy. If you can share what you feel, it gives people a chance to understand you,” Mogli shares.

CLICK HERE to watch the mind-blowing film which features 10 Ravage songs, metaphorical dancing, jaw-dropping cinematography and an illuminating dystopian transformation into a utopia brought to life by a cast of characters named after every emotion encountered along the journey – Fear and Bravery (played by Mogli), Melancholy, Love, Rage, Insecurity and Cheerfulness. CLICK HERE to listen to the album.

Today, fans joined Mogli for an evening of global live watching on her Youtube channel celebrating the release, where she performed and answered questions ahead of the premiere of the movie Ravage. Prior to its release, Mogli revealed the story of Ravage through a episodic video series excerpt from the film. The last episode before its release “shimmer” saw Mogli snap out of her self-destructive tendencies and learn that the conflicting voices in her head weren’t real as she struggled to let go of a toxic relationship. Now the journey comes to an end with brand new songs “Poison”, title track “Ravage” and album closer “Release”, as Mogli embraces the possibilities of happiness and the inevitability of pain, this time without fear. Mogli’s gift for poetic songwriting paints a picture of his personal experience, losing himself in depression and burnout, learning to let go of patterns and toxic partners, and finding hope and happiness again.

Believing that art can be a bridge between us that can foster connection and inclusion, the message behind Mogli’s acclaimed music – which has amassed over 100 million global streams – is about being brave enough to be vulnerable, which allows us to overcome, to heal and to reconnect.

Ravage also touches on topics important to Mogli due to her lived experiences, such as empowerment, feminism, toxic masculinity, and societal issues like climate change. Growing up in Germany in an LGBTQ family with two mothers and an Algerian father gave Mogli her values ​​of inclusivity and equality, and she now uses her art to create connection in a world that desperately needs it. , especially when not fueled by politics, education systems, social media, news algorithms, or the isolation that has come from COVID.

Ravage is all the more impressive because of Mogli’s independent, DIY approach – designing, creating and executing the album and film with full creative control of his vision.


Mogli’s meticulously crafted and incredibly polished artistic vision has earned praise from mainstream media such as Billboard, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, Refinery 29, and Huffington Post, as well as trend setters like V, NYLON, Wonderland, Clash, Notion, Earmilk, Cools, and more. .

A sustainability advocate, Mogli recently created his second line of sustainable capsule clothing – the Conscious Capsule Collection – with ABOUT YOU (one of Europe’s largest fashion and lifestyle platforms) inspired by the seven emotions depicted in Ravaged. The 28-piece collection, designed to be worn with a clear conscience, was made primarily from recycled polyester, organic cotton and Lenzing™ EcoVero™. CLICK HERE to shop the looks.

Mogli also recently partnered with Tommy Hilfiger to host a free online course exploring sustainable living. She incorporates sustainability into all of her creative endeavors (like her Netflix film Expedition Happiness which documented the making of her debut album Wanderer and saw her traveling across North America in a sustainably converted school bus.


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