MUMBAI: Indo-American singer-songwriter Subhi @subhimusic who released her original Hindi singles like Aagosh, Cage, Naqaab and Mehfil, recently released a dark remix version of her hit single “Wake Me Up”. It will be her first song after her pregnancy. Her previous EP “Define Me” was conceived and produced entirely during her pregnancy. And Wake Me Up (Dark remix) is his way of getting back to the action by making more songs.

The Dark remix is ​​a song in collaboration with Kanishk Seth and has an Indian touch. This song is a product of his fans who asked him to do an Indian version of his popular number. Subhi was among the country’s most active musical artists during the pandemic lockdown. She released many songs during this period. The song was officially released on November 19, 2021. About the song:

Subhi says, “In March 2020, I was traveling to Los Angeles to work with my producer Taylor Sparks. COVID had just unfolded in the United States. There was a feeling of sadness, worry and hopelessness. I knew this would be the last time I would travel, be in a studio, or meet family / friends for a while. “Wake Me Up” is a song about the desire to come out of the darkness created by the fear of being alone and lost in this pandemic. I hoped things didn’t get worse, but they did. The lines “Pull me up from the dark” kept popping up in my mind and I created this song while standing still during my session with Taylor. her song “Wake Me Up” reached the semi-finals of the 2020 “Unsigned only” competition in the US, premiered on Vh1 India, and was featured by Rolling Stone India, American Songwriter Magazine (US), Culture Collide (United States) & Refinery 29 (United States). This track is a remix of the original song released earlier this year. I collaborated with the amazing and talented Kanishk Seth on this remix. We have already collaborated on one of my Hindi songs ‘Aagosh’ and this is our first collaboration on an English song. I love the sound of this remix – it has a modern, contemporary feel with a catchy Shehnai melody adding a cool Indian touch ”.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHDX8JH9h No