Armed with a naturally happy voice, aspiring singer-songwriter Kaleigh creates a dominant wave in the music scene with his fiery but calming ballads.

A promising young singer-songwriter Kaleigh is quickly making a name for itself in the mainstream music industry with its refreshing melodic tracks. She has fascinated online music lovers with her new compositions “Weather The Storm” and “Lost Souls”. Her strong and exuberant voice stands out by merging with the dynamic instrumental backdrop in flawless harmony. I found her vocal prowess extremely rich in her two other creations, ‘Mine’ and ‘NY Lullaby’. The mix of rock and pop with a good dose of its own eccentric melodic flavor takes songs to a whole new level. She has shown incredible flexibility in singing in different styles.

The multi-talented musician is also a songwriter, actor and model. Involved in music from the age of 13, she took the opportunity to refine her singing and storytelling skills. Kaleigh works independently making music as desired. I am immensely in awe of the electrifying song that has the power to penetrate your soul. She has showcased incredible vocal talent in her latest singles, “Weather The Storm”, “Lost Souls”, “Mine” and “NY Lullaby”. Listen to its vast collection on Spotify and Youtube, visit her website and follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, for more information on his upcoming projects.

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