Housing costs : £ 370.64 (mortgage), £ 252.16 (service charge and rent for the part I don’t own), £ 77 council tax (single person reduction) and £ 8.88 insurance for the apartment.
Loan payments: £ 0. I didn’t go to college but prepaid for the online classes. I don’t have a credit card (which I actually should to boost my credit score).
Utilities: £ 25 of electricity and gas, £ 10 of water – I bought an annual gym membership which is a five minute walk from mine and since I train five times a week I take a shower.
Transport: £ 0. I cycle a lot and work from home. My expenses can reach £ 20-30 if it rains or if I meet someone in a completely different area of ​​London.
Telephone bill: £ 8, cheapest for 3gb per month and every three months i will add £ 10 credit to be able to call my grandparents in germany.
Savings? I was brought up by my mother who was always very good with money. Whether we had a lot or not, we would still have the same lifestyle, save the rest, and not have to worry about the next paycheck. So after each payday, I transfer the amount I have left from the previous month directly to my Marcus by Goldman Sachs account and can only access it on the computer. Right now I have £ 21,300 in this account as it has a better than competitive interest rate compared to normal banks. I will be using it for additional payments of up to 10% of the mortgage balance (before fees apply) and hope to be able to pay off the mortgage sooner than expected. I don’t have insurance for my dog ​​as quotes started at around £ 120 per month when I got him 18 months ago. Therefore, I have set aside £ 100 every four weeks and have £ 1,800 in her own bank account.