Jim Hickey Photo by Meike Peters

Jim Hickey’s lyrics and voice feature in second single from brother’s upcoming joint album, Road to San Rey

Berlin-based Maltese-American singer-songwriter and music producer Jim Hickey has teamed up with German DJ brothers Santé & Re.You for the second single from their new album. Called “Cave,” the song features lyrics inspired by Malta’s coastal caves and is sung by Hickey himself.

“This collaboration is the result of an informal presentation to one of the brothers by a mutual friend in the industry,” says Hickey, who has been based in Germany for over 10 years. “We exchanged work and ideas for months, but when they listened to ‘Cave’ – a song I was supposed to release as a single but never accepted because of the pandemic – they contacted me with a version that included my words and my voice. , but tuned to the House beat for which they are so famous.

To Hickey’s sophisticated lyrics and vocals, the newly formed German DJ duo added intricate polyrhythms and intermittent synth hits tuned to a subtle four-four beat, as well as an embossed climax of arpeggiated synths and snare drums. .

The song, which was released on December 16, is the second single from the brothers’ debut collaborative album, Road to San Rey, which they will be releasing on their own label, LSF21 +, in 2022.

For Santé & Re.You, this album marks the first time they’ve released music together. Prior to that, each of them had a successful individual career in House DJing, touring the world and performing in world famous venues.

“It’s a real honor to have a song on this album, especially a song that was inspired by my summer in Malta last year, where I spent many days swimming in and around the caves. “

Health & Re.You – Cave (ft. Jim Hickey) is available on all streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.