MUMBAI: Indo-American singer / songwriter Shannon K has made her mark in the music industry with some of the most notable songs. Her heart is poured out in every word she writes and every word she sings is what sets her apart from the rest. Because of this, the New Year has showered her with blessings as she continues to receive the 2021 Outstanding Outstanding Singer Wow Award.

The singer, who recently released her new track “Retrace” in November 2021, has many feathers in her hat. Shannon has collaborated with various great artists in the American and Indian industry to come out with remarkable hits. Sharing her life experiences through her lyrics, she has given many meaningful songs that touched the hearts of listeners. Like the anti-harassment anthem “Give Me Your Hand”, a collaboration with American composer Kyle Townsend that premiered by Billboard magazine.

Shannon K says, “I would like to thank everyone who saw me as a competent recipient of this award. I am deeply touched by the love and recognition I have received so far. I consider my songs to be a way to reach people’s hearts and bring comfort to those who have gone through the same emotions that I felt while writing these songs. I’m glad they served their purpose. “

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