For a local singer-songwriter, 2020 has been a time of introspection and creativity.

Forced into quarantine for 14 days in mid-2020, Matt Coman did something he hadn’t done in a long time – he picked up his guitar and started writing.

“I had all this free time. I was sitting in my house, so I took my amp upstairs, ”he said.

The result is the gloomy and dazzling rock album “Help Is Not On The Way”, Coman’s first in six years. He will perform on Saturday at 8 p.m. at Mokaska Coffee, 705 rue Edmond, with his father, Michael Coman.

When Matt Coman last released an album, folk-tinged “Crooked Moon” in 2015, the local music scene was exploding with bands and artists. Like many artists of the time, Coman slowly moved away from the stage to work full time and raise his family.

“I really got involved in my job, and then I had a kid, so I really didn’t do a lot of music. Then when I was quarantined I had all this free time and (the song “Behind The Wall”) was just the first thing that came out, and that kind of snowball, ”a- he declared.

Mixing the crisp guitars of shoegaze bands like My Bloody Valentine with the rage of bands like Nirvana from the “In Utero” era, the album features Coman unleashing a series of songs about insecurity and anger, like “The Shape “and” The Americans “, with slower, more contemplative songs like” Wolf At The Door “à la Smashing Pumpkins and the” Silhouettes “closer.

For Coman, it was a return to the roots of rock and pop music that he adores.

“I used to have a really bad habit of drawing songs. Now, that narrows them down to exactly where they need to be. So that was an important thing because it was just trying to write short, simple, catchy songs, ”he said.

While Coman wrote, performed and produced the album, he doesn’t know how or when he will be able to perform it live. For his show with his dad, he said he could perform a song from the album, with the majority of the set being their usual favorites.

“I haven’t really figured out a way to translate this stuff into an acoustic format yet. So it’s going to be really sweet (with) some of his originals and then just a lot of covers, ”he said. “We’re going to do modern stuff and classic stuff like The Beatles and Neil Young,”

Playing with his father for over a decade, Coman said it was a privilege to grow up with him on stage.

“He’s really good, and he has such a great sensitivity to what goes into a song,” he said. “Being around him is always very inspiring. Anytime you meet someone you respect who is just plain talented, it’s very humbling. “

The concert is free and open to the public.