MUMBAI: Singer-songwriter and popular content creator Shuba, who has won millions of followers with her impressions and elegant voice – she has 5.5 million followers on TikTok – and caught the eye of Celine Dion, Shakira is back with her first single of 2022, “Love is running out.”

The fresh but fierce female anthem’love is running out‘showcases Shuba’s authenticity as a singer and songwriter, much like her viral success’Indian summer‘ which has been streamed nearly 3 million times on Spotify.

“Love Runs Out” was released on AI-enabled label, Snafu Records.

A first-generation Indian-American artist, Shuba fuses the energy and rhythm of Bollywood into his pop-rap gems. His music draws from a range of influences – from Eminem’s rapping, to Ariana Grande’s catchy hooks, to the uplifting vocals of Freddie Mercury – and when combined with his confident vocals and well-spoken lyrics designed, the result is addictive.

“Love Runs Out” is like a therapy note I would write to myself,” Shuba says of the single. relationship is gone and any “butterflies” you had were only based on superficial/temporary things. It’s a song about thinking about your self-worth and how people expect to be treated versus how they’re sometimes treated in their romantic pursuits,” says the Los Angeles-based singer who was part of season 12 of American Idol.

Growing up as a minority in the United States, Shuba aims to write music for outsiders who feel stuck in the “norms” of society. She fights the constant struggle of self-acceptance; to love her hair, to feel like she matched the expectations of her own Indian culture. Upon graduating from 6th grade in a small town in the American Midwest, Shuba wrote that she wanted to be a singer, hoping one day to be as recognizable as a skyscraper in a big city. Whether it’s doing a virtual jam session with Queen’s Brian May or being recognized for her singing talent by icons like Celine Dion and Shakira, Shuba is well on her way to making that dream come true.

Watch the alluring new single “Love Runs Out”