Iain Shedden, former drummer for The Saints and longtime music writer and critic for the australian and Australian weekend newspapers, died at the age of 60.

One of the country’s foremost music journalists, Shedden had connections to the best in the business. When Nick’s cave finally open to the agony of losing a son, he told his story to Shedden. The account has a first page splash in the Australian weekend. He interviewed all the big names, from David Bowie To Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Kylie Minogue and countless others.

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It was Shedden who interviewed Creation Records founder Alan McGee onstage at the Bigsound 2011 conference for an unforgettable speech that breathed McGee’s wit, sharp tongue and bitterness for the music business that brought him down. made rich and famous. The Scottish pair hit it off wonderfully and it was McGee who warmly welcomed her interviewer to the stage as the former drummer of Shaking, a British group that excited him in his youth.

Later in the conference, Shedden joined The telegraph of the day music editor Kathy McCabe and that reporter for a Michael Chugg “grilling” remembered for the veteran concert promoter’s rant at McGee, his prolific use of swear words, and his admission that, below the surface, he was shy. Shedden confirmed it.

Born in Scotland and based in Sydney, the journalist had been a writer and music critic for the australian for 24 years and published his first book, Hey you in the black t-shirt, in 2010, an autobiography co-written with his subject, Michael Chugg. Shedden also played drums in Sydney bands. Trumpet Dog and curly king.

While details surrounding Shedden’s passing have yet to be released, many artists and industry professionals have paid tribute as news of his death spread on Monday (October 16).

Talk to the australian, singer-songwriter Paul Kelly described Shedden as “a gentle, intelligent and ironic man. A quick wit with a tight smile. An average tennis player like me, so we had some good battles, ”while the rock singer Jimmy barnes added, “Iain was a good man. I’ve done a lot of interviews in my day and most of the time, whoever it is with, it’s like work. But every time I spent time with Iain, I felt comfortable. Not just because he had that broad Scottish accent, but he had a manner that made me feel comfortable. “

Reg Mombassa, founding member of Dog Trumpet and ARIA Hall of Famers Mental like everything, tweeted: “The tragic news regarding our friend and drummer Iain Shedden is a great loss.”

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