He said what made his book different was that he combined his art with music and his love of storytelling.

“I wanted to publish a book of my sheet music for a long time but I was always put off because all the music notation books I ever looked at were just blank pages with black dots, it seemed so antiseptic.

“It finally occurred to me to do something completely different,” he said.

He has won the SAMA (South African Music Awards) three times for best instrumental album and has said he will perform songs from his acclaimed album Enormous Flowers.

The book contains sixteen of his compositions which range from intermediate to advanced.

He said that while it wasn’t a book on how to play the guitar, it was still a treasure trove of his fingering style.

A style that has helped him engrave his name on the minds of his South African compatriots.

He added that there will be several workshops, demonstrations and discussions around the contents of the book where and when possible during their trip.

The tour will see him travel to Parys just past Pretoria, then to Pietermaritzburg, Durban, Eastern Cape and many more places.

He said he will be touring the country with his family and that his daughter Thuli Cox will perform on the book tour.

He said he started performing with Thuli at a young age, but she performed professionally on stage at the age of 11.

Cox is also part of the “Player-inspire” initiative which was started by Tony and his partner Anthony Just.

The initiative led him to give weekly lessons to a class of young people for whom he collected guitars, desks, books, capos and tuners.

“It is very close to my heart and I have been working on it for two years now and my role is simply to give my musical skills to those who would normally never be able to access the study of an instrument and music in general, ”he said.

He said people can expect to play jaw-dropping guitar, songs that dull the heart and nourish the mind.

Reservations can be made on [email protected]

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