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Wednesday September 29 – Rising singer-songwriter Allie Dunn has released her latest single, “Good As Gone”, the title track from her upcoming debut EP, Good as a party, which will be released on October 15 via Porter Rose Records. Dunn is already attracting the attention of early taste makers, including the American songwriter who described Dunn as “a singer-songwriter to be taken seriously.” PopMatters claimed that Dunn “has more than a little Laurel Canyon in his soul”, and The Boot said, “Dunn sets the scene perfectly for the moment.” Dunn recently gave a haunting acoustic performance for Paste Magazine’s ‘On The Road’ series which can be viewed here:

Her growing support continues with “Good As Gone” whose video was highlighted by Guitar Girl Magazine who said: “Dunn shows she’s ready for prime time with the radio-ready song ‘Good As Gone’. “

A song about love that blossoms in life at the wrong time, Dunn described the inspiration for the One Night Song during a session in a writer’s bedroom. She said, “Good as Gone was inspired by the time in your life when you cannot accept a love that is good for you. This song was not originally written for me but was written for the other artist in the writing room. Although I loved him so much and the way he solved a problem in most people’s lives that hadn’t been discussed much before, so I decided to record it.

Dunn has always been inspired by the classic folk pop singer-songwriters she admired her entire life, from discovering the Eagles through her parents’ record collection to listening to her vintage records over and over again in her dorm in New York. All of this gave her the courage to take the plunge and pursue a full-time career as a musician and leave behind her potential medical career.

Dunn believed his path initially was to follow in his mother’s footsteps and become a doctor. She was studying biology in college, but in her sophomore year she took a leap of faith to pursue her musical dreams and moved to Nashville TN.

Dunn said, “At the end of the day, I wasn’t passionate about pre-medicine and I knew I wouldn’t do the medical field justice or do the patient’s good and wanted to give to someone who was amazing the chance to do so. “

Ironically, she was later discovered by her current manager, Stuart Berk, known for his work with artists including Brandi Carile, while she was acting at an optometrist and was there for an eye surgery appointment. . After they struck up a conversation about music and he found out that she was a musician, he asked her to email him his demos and he signed it almost instantly.

With Good as a party, Dunn is making his solo singer-songwriter debut, with a skillfully crafted and fully produced piece that mixes sounds across rock from the heart, modern Americana and Nashville’s own brand of pop country and after a short stay in Music City, she is already a force making her mark. Good as a party will be released on October 15 on Porter Rose Records. To learn more about Allie Dunn, visit her site here.

“Good as a party” List of tracks

  1. Need someone
  2. Good as a party
  3. Tom Small
  4. Do i miss you (NYC)