Goa-based singer-songwriter Earl Fortes. Photo: courtesy of the artist

Growing up in the seaside state of Goa, singer-songwriter Earl Fortes found himself surrounded by musicians. At the age of 16, Fortes started performing around Goa and said, “Getting into music has been a process that goes with the flow for me. “

One of those cases arose when the singer-songwriter auditioned for a talent show American Idol in 2020 and managed to land a golden ticket. He says, “Walking into this room with Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan was unreal. I said to Lionel Richie, “I’m not used to seeing you outside of my phone or TV,” and he said, “Relax, we’re friends here.” American Idol for a week in Los Angeles, however, he said his progress in the competition was put on hold due to issues with his visa.

Now Fortes is releasing a brand new single in the form of a lightweight acoustic offering called “Laid Back”. According to the singer-songwriter, he usually writes songs to suit his mood. The track features a simple and charming acoustic guitar progression while an airy drum and bass groove, as well as a fluid guitar solo, enrich the song. Fortes says, “Laid Back provides that feeling of serenity and emotional calm that expresses my outlook on life. He adds, “I want the world to remember to take each day at a time and enjoy each moment in the stillness of life.”

The musician recorded “Laid Back” at Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai with the help of producer Abhishek Khandelwal while the singer himself did the mixing and mastering of the song. Fortes even used the spacious Yash Raj Studios to shoot a music video for the track.

Then the singer-songwriter wants to write more songs in which he wants to get out of his sonic comfort zone. As he finds the sound he is looking for for upcoming releases, a new single is on the way. “I really want to make a difference in the world through my music,” says Fortes.

Watch the clip for “Laid Back” below: