In a heartwarming and seemingly impromptu video, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin was seen cheering on the indie singer/songwriter Canal-Victoria.

The video that captured this moment shows Canal playing the piano with Martin leaning on the instrument, singing Canal’s original song titled “Swan Song.” Who knows how long we have? / As long as I’m breathing, know it’s not too late to love, they sang together. Martin then paused to say, “One of the best songs ever written.”

This statement, from a Grammy-winning artist, clearly left an impression on Canal who posted the video on Twitter with the caption: “I literally dissolved and went to songwriter heaven when this happened. is produced. I love you, Chris Martin.

Watch Martin and Canal sing the lines from “Swan Song” below. (You’ll see Canal playing the piano with one hand. She was born without her right forearm due to amniotic band syndrome.)

Canal released their self-titled EP, victoria (without the drama), in 2021 and officially released “Swan Song” this year. She also recently supported JP Saxe and Teddy Swims on their respective tours.

Check out “Swan Song” in its entirety below.

In other Chris Martin news, the singer recently interrupted a live performance of “A Sky Full of Stars” to ask fans to put their phones away. “Wait, wait, a second. I think we can improve on that, hang in there,” he told the crowd of onlookers. “I’m going to speed this all up because we want to get all the songs before they shut the thing down. So let’s try again, but please if we could just have a song without cell phones, without cameras, without devices, nothing, just people power, people power.

Martin’s request was met with applause. Watch the moment from a fan’s perspective below.

Photo by Brian Stukes/Getty Images