Event date:

November 5, 2021 (All day)

This Friday, November 5, 2021, the Carson City Brewery Arts Center continues their new singer-songwriter series, “Musicale @ TheMazie”, in their blackbox concert space that was previously known as Maizie Harris Jesse Black Box Theater.

The musical word is “a musical gathering or concert, usually small and informal” and that is exactly what this series is meant to be. Like the last performance, this series revolves around artists connecting with the public in a friendly and local setting. Artists have the chance to interact and explain their craft to listeners. The artists performing this week are currently touring the region from the Bay Area.

The second concert in the series will take place at 7 p.m. and will feature guitarist and vocalist Lindsey Alexis and multi-instrumentalist Triple J, also known as Joshua James Jackson. Lindsey Alexis, from Northern California, is an artist whose style can be described as a beautiful rainy day and who has a great storytelling ability in her songs. It involves a smooth vocal performance and heartwarming, enveloping instrumentals.

The accomplished Triple J has been involved in projects ranging from Dr Phil’s on-air bassist to an orchestral member. JJJ has been on tour both internationally and across America, performing his humorous, touching and welcoming music with his backing band. Like Alexis, he also illustrates stories throughout his music.

“The BAC is really excited about this series as it gives the audience a glimpse into the creative process,” says Gina Lopez, Executive Director, “these traveling musicians are able to generously share their stories and experiences in an intimate setting. ”

Tickets are available on breweryarts.org for $ 10 per person. Visit our Facebook page for more information. Masks are mandatory for entry.

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