MIDDLETOWN – Belle Grove is unraveling a musical mystery.

The Plantation has a music book that was compiled by Isaac Fontaine Hite, the son of the original plantation owner Isaac Hite Jr., while studying at the University of Virginia in 1827 and 1828. The Plantation will host Sunday based concerts. to the music of Hite. book and performed by Lois Sabo-Skelton.

Belle Grove Executive Director Kristen Laise said that while the Plantation has been in possession of the music book for some time, it was the Plantation’s relationship with Sabo-Skelton that made exploring the music book.

“[Sabo-Skelton] fell in love with Belle Grove as much as we did, and we kept pushing her to collaborate, ”said Laise. “We stumbled upon the manuscript and decided to review it.”

Sabo-Skelton said the 60-page music book was discovered when papers belonging to the Hite family were donated to the plantation.

“I was here and Kristen [Laise] said, ‘Would you like to take a look at this?’ “, did she say. “I opened the fucking thing, and it was all fiddler. “

Sabo-Skelton said the music in the book, which at the time could be played by any instrument, was written specifically for the violin. The music book features several types of songs, ranging from waltzes to marches.

“We don’t know if [Hite] was playing the violin, ”she said. “We’re finding out right now. “

Sabo-Skelton said she and Belle Grove continue to study Hite’s music book history and musical history, including what he may have played in his lifetime.

The Sabo-Skelton concerts will take place from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday inside the Belle Grove mansion. Sabo-Skelton said Sunday would be the first time the music in the book has been performed in public.

Tickets for the event are still available for $ 40. For more information visit https://bellegrove.org.

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