Author: Charles Edward

American singer-songwriter Rob Massard is spreading positive vibes around the world with heartwarming lyrical compositions from his new album, “Ascension.”

Renowned singer-songwriter Rob Massard is back with another collection of wonderful named melodies, Ascenton major streaming platforms. The album contains 10 intriguing melodic wonders with unique, never-before-heard beats. The collection’s “Shine Your Shine” offers a fusion of various resonances forming a symphony of acoustic brilliance. The progressive folk rhythms and a combination of unique musical styles in each song on the album separate it from the rest. The gifted artist showcases his creative artistry and thematic skills through picturesque storytelling and dynamic vocal performance in the tracks. The album manages to create a special place in the hearts of listeners.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, the multifaceted musician shares his own experiences through his deeply moving lyrical ballads, taking audiences on an unforgettable thematic journey. Tracks like ‘Fireside Stomp’, ‘Don’t Cha Know’, ‘Stars to Your Moon’, ‘Rift Hills and Sugar Valleys’, and more from the album, Ascentgive off incredible instrumental riffs with his compelling vocals. The songs’ heartfelt lyrics come to life with her moving vocal presentation. Rob Massard also performs live in various locations around the country. Listen to his music on Spotify and Youtube. Visit her website and follow him on Facebook for more updates.

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