LOS ANGELES, January 20, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Seven-year-old Kyra has released her first official music video, “I LOVE YOU, DAD.” It all started when Kyra’s dad (Ernie) was playing the piano one day, Kyra asked him what he was playing and he said, “I just play a beat.” She asked her if she could sing and what should she sing. Ernie simply replied, “Sing whatever you want, sing it out loud.” – Kyra started singing and now we have “I love you, daddy”. The song was released on Father’s Day 2021 and became available on Spotify, Amazon Music and iTunes.

Soon after, preparations were made to shoot the music video in Los Angeles with videographer Airic Lewis, Owner of Nirvana Hollywood Studios. Kyra was ready to do some magic and let the world experience “I love you, Daddy” visually. She thanks her parents and family for their support as well as her vocal coach Mrs. Monnette Strong and dance teacher Alex Collins.

Watch the official clip here- It’s Kyra’s life – YouTube

But the excitement continues when Kyra received frontline audition passes for America’s Got Talent Virtual Auditions 2022 this month. She is busy preparing for this amazing opportunity and ready to show the judges why she is the right candidate for the show. And hopefully show America more of what it has to offer. More than showcasing Kyra’s talent, it’s a family story of miracles and faith. Kyra sadly lost 2 of her older siblings before she was born. Kyra’s mother was diagnosed with gliofibroma, a rare astrocytic tumor, composed of glial components ranging from benign to high-grade malignancy. Due to the massive brain tumor, Kyra’s mother underwent a craniotomy where a team of emergency surgery doctors removed the part of her brain with a cyst and tumor. Years after the operation, during her mother’s pregnancy, they made her choose between her own life and the life of the unborn child. Kyra’s mother chose her.

For more information on auditions, visit – (americasgottalentauditions.com)


Kyra was born in Hawaii. She is the youngest of the family with 2 older brothers, King Kristelshearn and King Rethelje. From the age of 4, she became Tiny Miss Ewa Beach. She competed for Queen of the State of Hawaii and became the overall winner. She won the TINY MISS title HAWAII PRINCESS/QUEEN OF STATE. She won six (6) of the nine (9) awards. To include Miss Photogenic, Miss Elegance, This is Me Award, Miss Personality and Miss Community Spirit. She nearly blew up the Neil Blaisdell Center when people, friends and families gathered and witnessed her memorable performance.

As queen of the state, she represented Hawaii at TALENT INC, Orlando Florida. Among over 520 aspiring models, actors and singers, and despite being the youngest, Kyra emerged number one (1) and won the much sought after title of OVERALL TOP CHILD MODEL for 2019-2020. She was able to win all the support from the other contestants, their families and became the best model and talent child of the judge.

Three months after her victory, she traveled to Anaheim, California. She represented Hawaii for the NATIONAL AMERICAN MISS pageant. With 108 Princesses and STATE representatives across the country, it was a humbling experience to see Kyra as one of the most awarded STATE Princesses who won multiple awards, recognitions and trophies including Top National Finalist of the 2019 national competition, the national FINAL 2019-2020. Winner of the PRINCESS award and the audience award.

During her reign as Queen of State, she continued to serve the community. Although Kyra’s education is her top priority, she has become a member of Hawaii Fashion Week, the American Cancer Society, the American Breast Cancer Society, and the National Multiple Sclerosis of Hawaii. Since her birth, every year Kyra and her family have been committed to supporting Bahay Aruga in The Philippines to help pediatric cancer patients. This has been their family plea and their personal vocation. Kyra is involved in the Hawaii community and performs on occasions such as religious gatherings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and other special gatherings everywhere Hawaii. Kyra displays proficiency in singing, piano, Tahitian dances, interpretive dance with the hoverboard, hula and ballet. In addition, modeling, acting and painting are among her passions. She has produced her own vlogs, inspirational videos and performances to help children feel they are not alone.

Kyra has become a household name and continues to feel the love and support from the people of Hawaii. November 2021, Kyra made history by being the first-ever child winner of the “Gawad Amerika Award” as an inspirational global youth leader/child prodigy. Additionally, at the Global Young Leaders Summit, she was recognized as one of the “World’s 50 Most Influential Young Leaders” who were carefully selected from a pool of over 200 inspiring young leaders across the globe. Her incredible achievements since she was three years old have inspired extraordinary leaders who inspire the world and have received great feedback around the world. She stood out for being a great example of courage, love, hope and integrity. At the age of 7, his tremendous contribution as a young leader had a huge impact around the world.

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