When Fjer released his fantastic electro-soul-pop album You Again with a limited-edition vinyl pressing featuring stunning cover art by fellow Copenhagen native Morten Overgaard, it was a “shut up and take my money” situation.

Fjer met Overgaard via Instagram, and says the initial photoshoot for the cover involved both a digital and traditional camera. “He played with a lot of photos he had taken of me,” she recalls, “and different things in double exposures from various photos he had taken before, and the whole rainbow color palette. .”

Another important element in the creation of the cover was the holographic oil. The inspiration for this came, of all things, from a puddle, as Fjer notes that when oil is in a puddle “the kind of oil spreads and creates this rainbow color palette -rainbow that’s almost holographic, and I really wanted that.”

The finished piece is amazing and a perfect representation of Fjer’s angelic voice, as well as the whole vibe of the album, which is one of the reasons this cover remains on display at my house (FYI, it’s on display at her home, as well!).

Fjer, which means “feather” in Danish, is now called maia maia and recently signed with Sony Music Denmark to start work on a pop album.

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